Roberta Vasquez Ranking

Looks 9.47
Body Sexometer 9.72
Boobylicious 9.71

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Roberta Vasquez
Roberta Vasquez Ranking
 Avg Rating Your Rating
Looks 9.47
Body Sexometer 9.72
Boobylicious 9.71
Roberta Vasquez Nude & Naked Profile
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Photo Album: Page 1

Photo Album: Page 1

Movie: Hard Hunted

Roberta Vasquez baring her breasts while she makes out with a guy topless in the water at the beach. Hi-res DVD capture from Hard Hunted.

Roberta Vasquez showing some excellent cleavage while propped up on her elbows in a bikini as she and Dona Speir lounge in their swimsuits on the rocks in a river. Hi-res DVD capture from Hard Hunted.

Movie: Do or Die

Roberta Vasquez straddling a guy outdoors as she hikes up her skirt and removes her top, having the guy reach up to squeeze her breasts while she rides him. Hi-res DVD capture from Do or Die.

Movie: Fit to Kill

Roberta Vasquez straddling a guy, her teddy pulled down to reveal her breasts as she rides the guy during a love scene. Hi-res DVD capture from Fit to Kill.

Movie: Guns

Playboy model Roberta Vasquez lying on her back on a motorcycle, having a guy pull down her bra to reveal her breasts as they make out. Hi-res DVD capture from Guns.

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Biography of Roberta Vasquez

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